The Lodos;

It’s the south wind, comes from the south.

The sea is choppy, ferry service is canceled, even fish get drunk. He emerges as a jealous or troubled lover in every season. Yes, it is a timeless big love that puts you in bed, but like every big love, it lasts short. Sometimes it comes in the middle of winter, as a herald of false spring. It works like a rabid all night, and the next morning it just calms down as nothing happened.

It’s like renting a house to a troubled tenant. Its settlement is easy and happy, getting rid of is painful and troublesome.

It is the decrease in human physical energy and working performance and focusing, etc. Depressed, tired, sluggish and lazy. It is irregular and not so much trustable.

But It always carries mystery inside.

And one day, it blows and brings you what you need in an unexpected time. Just like life …

Technical Specifications


– Tubes; Copper

– Wheels & Structure; Steel Electroplated in Black with Rubber Protection.

– Propellers & shaft; Aluminium

– Front Protection; 2 mm diameter Fishing Line

Electrical Motor ( CE )

– Voltage 220 – 240 V, 50 HZ

– Power 250 W

– 3 speeds motor  – one phase


– Size: H 1000 x L 1000 x W 850 mm

– Weight: 59.4 kg