Metal Guru “noWhere Mekanika” is a contemporary metal craftsmanship and highly skilled workforce to create designs and produces functional sculptures in limited edition.

“noWhere Mekanika” is working on high-end residential and commercial projects and developing luxurious bespoke metal solutions.



Koray Korkmaz

Koray Korkmaz

Koray Korkmaz is contemporary and experimental

designer, bringing new dimensions of metal

craftsmanship. He loves to use advanced materials

and mechanics fused with vintage sculptural forms.

He studied mechanical engineering in METU,

Ankara and after architecture in GTU, Gebze.

Set up his design studio “noWhere Mekanika”

in 2019 in Geneva where he continues to guide

metal with creativity and function and puts it

in front of art lovers.


The prices of metal works depend on the design

including, creation time, level of difficulty and

materials used. Lead time depends on the design

and project changes from 2 weeks to 10 weeks.

Please get in touch for a free consultation.