Rosary Spiral Shelf


more than a furniture…

 Rosary will take your mind to meditation on the mysteries. Big and small, spheres and ellipsoids occasionally round but always of the most remarkable colours. Each one is unique and more special than the last.

Besides their colourful magnificent personalities, also can be crafted in bespoke ranges for exclusive clientele.

*Feminine, glamour and romantic with less industrial lines.

*Strength and stable but also aesthetic.

*Fully re-assembled and disassembled to all parts.

* Fully handmade a unique masterpiece by the most significant details.

*All-solid-metal; the combination of brass with sand-casted aluminum.

*Fine craftsmanship with refined finishes.

*Custom fabricated ranges in limited edition for art lovers.

 Spiral Shelf – Free Structure

Our striking spiral shelf features a triple shelf system that can be adjusted to match your requirements. Showing off gorgeous aluminium balls with stunning hues, this charming free structure brass shelf will win you over in no time. These elegantly designed balls are crafted using solid aluminium and brass, depending on your choice, and the shelves setting. So you can keep up with a solid and sturdy setup.

We are offering you a gorgeous and useful spiral shelf system that works perfectly in any setting. As it’s hues complement the current theme of the room, while its minimal design adds the perfect charm. A thorough inspection ensures that every aspect of the free structure spiral shelf is perfectly, and comes with a hidden wheel system that ensures quick and easy movement. These are well hidden using vintage velvet cloth.

– Size: H 145 x L 90 x W 60 cm

– Material: Brass & Aluminium

– Weight: 42kg


Rosary Spiral Shelf
Rosary Spiral Shelf