Rosary Table 80 cm


more than a furniture…

 Rosary will take your mind to meditation on the mysteries. Big and small, spheres and ellipsoids occasionally round but always of the most remarkable colours. Each one is unique and more special than the last.

Besides their colourful magnificent personalities, also can be crafted in bespoke ranges for exclusive clientele.

*Feminine, glamour and romantic with less industrial lines.

*Strength and stable but also aesthetic.

*Fully re-assembled and disassembled to all parts.

* Fully handmade a unique masterpiece by the most significant details.

*All-solid-metal; the combination of brass with sand-casted aluminum.

*Fine craftsmanship with refined finishes.

*Custom fabricated ranges in limited edition for art lovers.

Dining Table ( 80 cm ) – Triple Carrier

Our beautiful brass dining table features a triple carrier system, that allows you to change the entire setting of the dining table. A triple carrier dining table that features a sleek and minimally designed solid coast aluminium tabletop. Creating a stunning design, that compliments, the setting, and the dining tables overall design perfectly. As the popping colours on the bottom bring’s forward an alluring charm that shines through.

Followed by the handcrafted aluminium case or brass balls, that are properly treated, polished, and powder coated before installation. Additionally, we offer brass rings that sit perfectly in the design adding to its study setting. So you can take in its spectacular setting and design from every angle. We take on traditional heat methods to bend brass and create delicate components that come together beautifully.

– Size: D 80cm – H 75.5cm

– Material: Brass & Aluminium

– Weight: 45.5kg

Rosary Table 80 cm
Rosary Table 80 cm