The Poyraz

North wind; The most heroic wind. It reminds me more when it doesn’t blow.

Sailors know the youngest wind is Poyraz. He does not show himself often, but everyone listens to him when he blew. It flattens the sea like a sheet and dries lips. Brings the cold and moisture-free air of the mountains because it is far away. However, it is so sharp that even anchored ships will have to change their positions against it. The boy is tough and noble.

A psychopath who likes to look in the eye while killing his enemy and likes to take his eyes out.

It is also a storm that leads to the passage of birds in early autumn.

Technical Specifications


– Tubes;  Brass

– Wheels & Structure; Steel Electroplated in Black with Rubber Protection.

– Propellers & shaft; Aluminium

– Front Protection; 2 mm diameter Fishing Line

Electrical Motor ( CE )

– Voltage 220 – 240 V, 50 HZ

– Power 250 W

– 3 speeds motor  – one phase


– Size: H 1000 x L 1000 x W 850 mm

– Weight: 59.4 kg